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Sensory overload: Why 'quiet hour' is a good idea for everyone, not just those on the spectrum

"The effects of overstimulation mustn't be ignored, or normalised. Constantly being switched on (to bright lights, loud noises, movement, activity, and whatever's happening on our phones and computers) can lead to anxiety, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, poor digestion, obesity, hypertension, a sluggish metabolism, poor heart health, hyperthyroidism, impaired immune function and hormonal imbalances."

"Companies and workplaces are finally taking measures to lessen the load on our nervous systems. Consulting firm Accenture recently introduced "Zen rooms" which are designed to help people relax, think, stretch and meditate throughout their workday."

"Google is renowned for its sleep pods, gyms and massage rooms – although there's an argument that they offer these because they never want their staff to leave.

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