Business Spaces

An environmental psychology perspective on workplace design

Motivation Theory & Basic Needs

"Leesman Index, who found that only 53 percent of some 200,000 respondents reported that their offices support their productivity"

Personality theory and designing for all

"Many introverts have made considerable contributions to society and business. However, as Susan Cain pointed out, we tend to take more notice of the extroverts and as a consequence many modern workplaces appear to be designed with the extrovert in mind."

Evolutionary psychology and innate workplace design preferences

"Evolutionary psychologists, such as Stephen Kaplan, have promoted the benefits of biophilic workplace design since the mid-nighties. Kaplan proposed Attention Restoration Theory – when the ability to concentrate is restored by exposure to natural environments. People feel refreshed because nature provides a setting for “non-taxing involuntary attention” enabling our “directed” attention capacities to recover. 

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