Business Spaces

Barco’s virtuous Circle

"As you enter the building’s Circle area you’re struck by the huge LED wall – 10 "metres long by two metres high – which greets you. “Its key purpose is to make sure it highlights what we think is our central theme as a company."

"Adds Rijsbrack: “The dynamicity of this building is that we can work together. Our technology needs to enable it so our ClickShare spaces are actually small huddle rooms without the room – huddle spaces or stations in the reception and restaurant space where people can choose to work informally or interact socially. We want to attract and engage people by making the ‘working’ and communications as intuitive and personal as possible."

“We want the AV technology we use to be as easy and unobtrusive as possible as well, where staff can just get on with their tasks as effortlessly as possible. It shouldn’t get in the way and be unnecessarily complex. This turns the building itself into a tool and we want to be a visual company that’s using networking and collaboration as its key assets.”

visit and read the full article at https://www.avinteractive.com/case-studies/barcos-virtuous-circle-25-10-2017/