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11 Changes You Need To Make If You Want To Win The 'Talent War'

Source: Forbes Onine

Hire Based On Behaviors: Too many times, we let other people define what talent means to us. Perceived talent is frequently based on skills, achievements or pedigree. We often hire on those issues but fire on behaviors. Reverse the process and hire on behaviors and potential. Candidates appreciate when you teach them skills and resent when you try to change behaviors.

Shift Your Organization From A Business To A Brand: Get clear about your organization's brand identity. What is your true essence and what do you stand for? Live the brand story and core values to magnetize top candidates.

Build The Right Organizational Culture: To win the war on talent, cultivate a sense of appreciation for your staff. Studies continue to show that if a person feels appreciated, respected and connected, they are more likely to stay. Winning the war on talent includes recognizing that you and hiring managers hired a competent and experienced employee.

Alisa Verratti