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Five Small Business Marketing Trends to Jump On This Year

Enhancing the Customer Service

A very large inhibitors to customer service recently has been chatbots on a company website. they help to answer immediate questions with automated answers to give basic information to potential clients or customers. Another helpful tip is being engaging on social media. This presences is really what counts when communicating with your followers.

Use Location-Based Marketing

Target customers through their location with different social media apps. This helps to grab the attention of consumers within your business’s area. This could be used to alert people of sales, expand promotional information.


It’s important to target your marketing campaigns to a specific audience rather than a whole sum. The efforts can be simple. Instead of sending out promotional emails to the whole email list for your company. Send out a few different structured emails based on product or service. This adds more warmth to your marketing.

Collect More Data

Small businesses especially need as much information as they can gather on their clients. This can give you a one up on the your larger competitors that may not take the time to get know their clients.

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Alisa Verratti