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5 Ways Workplaces Will Change For The Better In 2019

Source: Forbes

Source: Forbes

Source: Darren Shimkus, Forbes

Low Unemployment = New Hiring Practices

Large companies such as Google and Apple are straying away from traditional hiring processes. Some are forgoing in-person interviews, college degrees and partners with nonprofits such as Path Forward to help people how have been out of the workforce for an extended time. Companies are also offering many educational perks. This gives employees the ability to further learn and grow in their field by attending seminars or joining programs.

Companies will Adapt Employee Demands

In a report done by Forbes on Millennials at Work, it was proven that millennials aren’t as entitled or demanding as the generations before them. With this being said, they have strength in numbers and want to change the work place in ways people can appreciate. This is causing companies to give more flexible schedules and chances to work remotely. It was reported that the millennial generation is very in tune with a work-life balance and expect employers to offer them health and wellness benefits as well.

Inclusiveness Moves to the Front

2018 was a year for companies to re-evaluate their diversity. It was proven through research that “diverse teams perform better, are more innovative, and make better decisions.” (Shimkus, Forbes). People would also perfect to work in a more diverse environment so this can be a retention strategy for employers as well. Between ageism, race, sexuality, gender and many more underrepresented groups, 2019 will be filled with companies growing in a more diverse direction.

Online Move

Many people have shifted their attention to the internet in order to further their education. Apps are ramping up screen time for teens and adults alike. These new advances are taken over the intent to watch TV and instead give a productive use of the internet. This could be productive for companies to incorporate into the growth of their employer’s.

Robot Debate

It’s unsure to say how robots will be completely implemented in the new year. While there are certain aspects of technology that have been able to take over our paying and shopping methods, there is still a shortage of drivers and self-driving has a way to go.

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