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7 Trend Predictions for the Workplace in 2019

Source: The Ladders

Source: The Ladders

Source: Lindsay Tiger (The Ladders)

Focus on Social and Emotional Intelligence

With millennial’s entering the workforce, companies are predicted to zero-in on communication. For companies to create and positive and effective environment, they need to develop essential ways in attracting and retaining skilled employees. This comes with understanding what is needed in that environment.

Embracing Automation

Robotics will be a revolutionizing trend in the coming years. This type of technology is helping to compliment humanities strengths. An environment balancing both robots and humans will be the most successful.

Encouraging Education

There are many avenues for employees to seek more educational experiences. Online webinars, seminars, lectures and readings are just among the few ways people are expanding their knowledge in their own, or related, fields. These lessons and modules can help to inspire and push employees to do better when they are given the opportunity to do so.

Retention Remaining a Growing Concern

The younger generations are no longer staying at jobs from college to retirement. They are more inclined to move around and branch out. Companies should reevaluate their culture. “People don’t run away from a few dollars an hour, they run away from bad management.” (Jeff Kohl).

Remote Work

Companies may be swaying away from remote work. But, it’s no necessarily going to be beneficial because the root of the problem is company culture. The important point is that employers need to feel as productive as possible and they need to be as productive as possible. It’s key for companies to evaluate whether that is lacking due to certain environments.

Mentoring Programs

For companies, especially larger ones, it’s important for them to acquire mentoring programs. Here, the executives are able to take employee’s under the wing’s and help them to excel in areas they may lack in. A connection like this will not only create a more comfortable environment but, it will cause for more effective work.

Renewed Approach to Wellness

Not only should companies incorporate a health-focused culture for their employee’s but, they should also be modeling an open-floor plan. Mental well-being is promoted all over media. Open-floor plans and biophilic design (creating a connection to nature through design) are front runners for mental well-being. This both create a positive and productive work space.

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