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5 Technology Innovations Can Help Your Architecture Practice Work Smarter

Article by: Redshift

"While VR is a great way to explore a space that hasn’t yet been built, mixed reality (MR) is an ideal way to explore a space that has."

“Mixed reality is literally mixing interactive virtual objects onto a physical area,” says Michael Shyu, an architect in Perkins+Will’s Boston office. In the past, he says, architects would visit job sites with rolls of drawings, then attempt to reconcile them with the physical space. With MR, architects can ditch the drawings for a headset such as the Microsoft HoloLens to see a 3D model superimposed on the actual space."

"People are ten times more likely to share their experience in stores with unique design features on social media than those without."

"A key finding of our research, identified through our ethnographic research and confirmed in our 4,000-person survey, suggests that a person’s intention in visiting a space ultimately frames their experience."

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Maegan Slowakiewicz