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Impact of work space design on employee productivity

Article by: Urban Living Designs

"Results from the data showed a direct correlation between employees’ thoughts around their workplace environment and how satisfied they are with it and how engaged they are while at work. To put it simply, people who expressed a more general level of happiness with their overall office environment tended to be more engaged"

"A recent New York Times Magazine article, “Rethinking the Work-Life Equation,” says many companies today are actively looking for ways to give employees more control, providing them with solutions and options to complete their work in a way that works best for them."

"According to the research, 88% of highly engaged employees feel they have control over their work experience, while only 14% of highly disengaged employees feel the same. This proves that when employees are empowered, organizations can leverage that feeling to help increase engagement levels."

Maegan Slowakiewicz