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5 Workplace Predictions for 2019

Source: KI Collection Connection Zones

Source: KI Collection Connection Zones

Source: Jena McGregor, The Washington Post


Broadening family leave coverage for all types of people has come to the forefront of conversation. Whether it’s due to grief, sick family members, children, etc, there are a variety of reasons why people need to take off from work and why they should receive paid leave. The Family and Medical Leave Act allows employees to take up to 12 weeks to take care of family members.


Transparency needs to be more common with companies. With employees opening up more about what they get paid, time off and perks on website like Glassdoor, companies need to stay in the loop. There needs to be more frequent adjustments that keep up with the needs of employees. The pay gap and pay equity are examples of this.


Threats to private data have been on high alert for companies. Tech businesses like Integris Software, help organizations keep tighter tabs on their personal information. Customer’s will now be requesting access to their information from companies too. Businesses need to chose the right protection to help set them apart as ethical and moral when in comes to data.

Office Design

There is a demand for collaborative work spaces but, there is also a desire to have some personal space. Jonathan Webb, vice president of KI Furniture a company specializing in workplace design, says “phone booths” and “privacy pods” are coming to the forefront. These areas are meant for private conversations to be had without having to take up an entire meeting room. These designs as poised to become the new rave in 2019, says Webb.

Workplace Tech

2019 is no beginner to moving towards messaging and away from email in order for companies to communicate internally. But with tools like Slack, more programs such as Microsoft are taking their programs to the next level like integrating group messaging into Office 365. These tools can help with quick communication and small reminders for coworkers.

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