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The Top 3 Small Business Trends on the Rise in 2019

Source: Steve Strauss, USA Today

Remote Employees are Happier

With unemployment at historic lows, employers are having a hard time filling jobs. The talent seem to be the ones calling the shots which have consisted of choosing when and where they work.

The Gig Economy is the Economy

Almost 40% of American’s now have a side job. Whether that is driving for Lyft, selling art on Esty or being an musician on the weekends. This is becoming the new norm for people and also is usually pretty lucrative.

Being Little is Big

One of the main reason that people can work remotely and have profitable side gigs is because larger companies are giving their employers powerful tools that allow them to be productive. Cloud apps and Office 365 can help but new products by Wix called Ascend allow small business to create search engine-optimized pages, get notifications on their site, email marketing and much more.

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Alisa Verratti