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Why All Employee Engagement Must Start at the Top

Source: Customer Think

Source: Customer Think

Source: Philip Piletic, Customer Think

If there is no employee engagement at the executive level then, there will be no initiative from the newer associates. Executive leadership can truly make or break a company’s success. Leaders in a company need to be the driving force behind this movement because they too need to stay engagement. Executives tend to hold valuable knowledge that would take a cost close to 213% of their salary to replace and are just as susceptible to disengagement as any other employee.

To get to the root of employee engagement, it’s important to evaluate the leadership team and make sure they are in for a long ride. Then, it’s crucial to solve the problems that could be causing them to overthink and reconsider their term.

While the leadership team should be helping to drive this momentum of engagement, the newer employees should help to inspire engagement. This can be done through benefits and salary but also performance metrics like coaching practices, evaluations and compensations. Other incentives like team bonding and fun activities can boost moral

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