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Workplace Trends Are Coming to Your Office

Source: Inc. Staff

Source: Inc. Staff

Source: Jeff Bercovici, Amy Webb and J.B., Inc.

Augmented Workplace

Augmented reality is using special glasses to “project a digital overlay onto the wearer’s field of vision” are being implemented in the professional world. For example, Porsche repair centers have auto mechanics wear goggles that can receive visual guidance from remote experts.


Nanodegrees are “hyper-specific programs that offer certifications for tech-based skills”. This ideal helps with the changing technology that outpaces a universities ability to keep up with the latest trends. This means that future job applicants may have a variety of Nanodegrees instead of one diploma.

Electrifying Your Brain

Caffeine extends the window for concentration but not as much as zapping the brain with electrical currents can. Researcher Andy McKinley focuses on trans-cranial direct-current stimulation. At the U.S. Air Force’s applied neuroscience branch, McKinley runs trials that have participants doing repetitive work. Results showed that participants were able to maintain concentration for up to 6 hours with no performance drop when there was electrically stimulation frontal cortex.

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