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Office Design Trends That Will Attract and Retain Millennials
Source: Born2Invest

Source: Born2Invest

Source: Andrew Oziemblo, Born2Invest

Say Goodbye to Cubicles

Employers who want to attract millennials should forgo cubicles. Active and flexible work spaces are a place to start. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that he would be giving all employees sit-stand desks and collaborative workplaces. This kind of environment fosters creativity and innovation.

Inspire Physical Movement

Sit-stand desks have been brought to the forefront of office redesigns. Research has shown that constantly sitting puts one at a higher risk of heart, disease, depression and obesity. Employers who want to encourage better health should create a common space with a foosball or ping pong table that gets people up and moving.

Integrate Oxygen

An easy and crucial was to spruce up an office is to add plants. Decorative greenery is a helpful additions but live plants increase the amount of oxygen circulating in your office. This is proven to reduce stress and sickness and then increase productivity.

More Natural Lighting

Fluorescent lighting isn’t cutting it anymore. A study from the American Society of Interior Design show that 68% of employees complain about their office lighting. It also negatively affects productivity. Offices without windows also decrease motivation. Businesses should be considering LED or CFL bulbs.

Up-to-Date Flooring

Carpet isn’t exactly popular anymore. Vinyl tile flooring that looks like solid wood but as a more aesthetically pleasing feel. Solid tile and natural stone are also becoming more popular that can hep make offices look more c=modern and comfortable.

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