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Top Office Design Trends for 2019

Source: Corbett Inc.

Source: Corbett Inc.

Source: Llody Coldrick, Dealer Support

Living Walls

A trendy wall covered in greenery have been on the rise. These systems, much like Naava, help to bring a calming sense and nature feel to the office space.

Promoting Mental Health

Spaces that reflect positivity through colors, fabrics and design can boost motivation and well-being. Ergonomic office furniture is made to stimulate a greater focus. The chair reduces stress on the spine, neck and hips. Ergonomic computer screens allow employees to go on for longer periods or time by reducing eye strains and headaches.

Recreational Breakout Areas

Millennials are predicted to make up half of the workplace by 2020. With that, their input on office design has been becoming more predominate. Relaxation and recreational station are moving to the forefront as a place for employees to unwind. It gives a spot to burn off steam or take a break from any hectic or stressful work.

Versatile Environment

Dynamic, agile spaces are coming to the spotlight more than ever. These places allow for interactive communication in a comfortable and organic way. A fluid workplace with modular furniture and break out stations give employees the ability to work in groups and individually when needed.

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