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10 Ways to Improve you Company Culture

Source: Small Biz Trends

Source: Small Biz Trends

Source: Rob Starr, Small Biz Trends

Be Transparent

Sharing lessons, failures and mistakes with employees is key in keeping their trust. By staying on this line, you’ll create and maintain a fosters and growth filled environment. The moment an associate starts to feel left out, is the moment they begin to stray.

Keep the Atmosphere Bright

Lighting can make a huge difference in a work environment. Natural light, plenty of windows and vibrant colors in furniture can improve energy levels and boost motivations.

Stop the Burnout Cycle

It’s crucial for business leaders to understand what a healthy work life balance is and what a healthy work environment looks like. Even something as simple as scheduling out the next week on the Thursday or Friday before, can help associates feel more in control of their job.

Foster Collaboration

Collaboration comes from the top down. Leaders at a company need to break barriers and host or engage in team events and meeting times. This will set the right kind of energy for further projects.

Define the Mission

If you want your company to work together and foster collaboration, it bodes well to be clear about the work ethic. Defining the mission or your company gives associates the expectations they need to succeed in the office and keep the values of your company front and center.

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