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Five Ways to Cultivate Innovation

Source: KI Sway Collection

Source: KI Sway Collection

Source: Lynne Lemieux, Innovation Enterprise Channels

Focus on Physical Well-Being

Isolating cubicles, desolating vertical blinds and drab carpeting, has been known to causes metabolic disorders, chronic pain, eye strain and reduced productivity. Successful employers like Google, Mercedes-Benz and others, have been none to at sleeping pods, resting stations, break rooms, and workstations. These areas add to the level of productivity, communication and well-being for associates.

Forget About the “One-Fits-All” Solutions

The key to have successful collaboration with Baby Boomer’s, Gen Xer’s and Millennial’s is to address the benefits of each generation. In order to foster this, employers should give flexibility and freedom on how they prefer to work.


Disengaged employers cause for decreased innovation which creates low productivity. Associates need to feel that their work is making a difference. managers need to ensure that their efforts will challange their ideas and stir more meaningfulness in the workplace.

Vibrant Ecosystem

Creating an environment with connections and interdependent places that stimulate physical, cognitive and emotional needs. This should start with a choice of work spaces and resources they can interact with. Alternation of sitting and standing during work along with physical and virtual interactions can help to keep people more motivated and awake.

Break the Boredem

Open, wall-less areas with naturally lighting are the first step in a more welcoming work environment. Areas to play video games, relax and unwind on couches with a coffee areas or kitchens automatically will make associates feel more stimulated. This is the start of an innovative work place.

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