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Innovative Workspaces: Seven Office Trends For 2019

Source: Madeline Dunsmore, Facility Executive

1) Artificial Intelligence/Virtual Reality

Immersive technology and virtual elements can help productive levels and put companies ahead of their competitors.

2) Learning is the New Working

Incorporating productive learning spaces into workplace design can help with training and tech hires.

3) Compression Fatigue

Communal and collaborative environments are taking over the work space.

4) Co-working

Co-working and team centered projects are coming to the forefront again and because of this, companies need to have enough space for groups to meet.

5) Experiences Not Possessions

Companies have now been offering more schedule and location flexibility for employees.

6) Home Is Where the Heart Is

Fostering comfortable environments with natural lighting and upholstered chairs can make the workplace feel more homey.

7) Personal Device Integration

Company automated apps can help things run smoother in and out of the office.

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