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5 Office Furniture Trends That Will Gain Footing in 2019

Source: KI Corporate Collection

Source: KI Corporate Collection

Source: Hersh Pitroda, Entrepreneur

Integration of Smart Devices to Create Smart Furniture

“To keep a track of this, companies are coming up with a small but powerful step wherein the office desks are customized and integrated with occupancy sensors which keeps a track of the occupancy percentage per floor or in a conference room.”

Shared Office Space Furniture

“This model allows for a convenient, low-cost option to invest in the workspace. Traditional co-working spaces, popularized by tech start-ups, bring multiple companies under one roof.”

Open Plan Desking

“A new trend is emerging wherein the traditional cabin walls are breaking down among the workforces within the office environment.”

Adding Green

“With the benefits of having plants in workspaces gaining appreciation in the popular culture, many companies are investing in building infrastructures like roof-top gardens, water features, nature-based wall dividers using bamboo or wood, and among others to drive better employee health as well as boost productivity.”

Geometric and Abstract Patterns

“Evocative and abstract patterns and geometric forms are making their way into the hallways, meeting rooms, and lobbies of offices everywhere.”

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