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6 Tips to Boost Workforce Engagement and Motivation

Source: AlleyWatch

Source: AlleyWatch

Source: Martin Zwilling, AlleyWatch

  1. Match people with work that stimulates them. Pay attention to the defined tasks associates are working on and listen to whether they’re asking for more. Make sure they’re challenged.

  2. Focus on role enrichment, not just more work. Going off of the first point, acknowledge the type of work associates are looking to excel in.

  3. Ask for help in eliminating useless tasks by asking for insight and following up. There is no need to continue a task that won’t be useless in the future.

  4. Assign complete units of work and acknowledge them as such in order to make associates feel more accomplished. This will then give a larger motivation to continue the hard work.

  5. Proactively provide support and training in order to keep associates engaged. The refreshers and even new technology or ideals will help keep everyone learning.

  6. Promote professional growth and new roles. Make professional development and achievements apart of the conversations. Talk about the things that aren’t working and discuss how to fix them.

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