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Awaiting A Better Future


"Patients often view the waiting room as an unproductive space where they sit for a delayed appointment, while project teams and facility owners see a space that represents both construction and ongoing maintenance costs."

"Facilities are also starting to introduce more interesting and engaging places to wait, such as cafés and gardens (both indoors and outdoors), leaving many traditional waiting areas underutilized. With the prevalence of cell phones, patients can quickly be called back when they’re ready to be seen. In order to rely on these types of spaces, though, there needs to be strong wayfinding that easily leads patients to the clinical areas when summoned."

At the very least, it’s worth thinking about how to reabsorb a portion of a waiting area that turns out to be underutilized, we added a new ophthalmic oncology suite because a third of the L-shaped waiting area lent itself to renovation for clinical space. I will never again design a waiting area that can’t easily be converted to another use.

So while most of us don’t like to wait, the waiting room will likely remain a necessity—but one that can be viewed as a “soft space” opportunity."

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