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Designing for Health: Caregiver’s Workplace In A Multidiscipline Collaborative Teaming Work Environment


"In healthcare, it is generally believed that collaborative efforts yield better health services and outcomes for the populations that are served. This culture of collaborative teaming causes a layer of complexity in day-to-day work that demands the caregiver’s workplace to be designed supportively, physically, ergonomically, and socially for proper communication to take place."

"In the care environment, traditional millwork nurse stations or care centers have been built as tall counters and barriers where collaboration is not supported. Team centers with distinct programmatic areas for collaboration and work tasks are appearing in many of our programs and clients are requesting them to be centrally located."

"In Figure 2, a planning diagram shows a central team approach within an outpatient clinic.  In addition, the planning diagram shows collaboration spaces organized for differing activities. There is a front, an on-stage zone for interactions with patients, as well as a back, off-stage zone for teams to collaborate and learn from one another in a private environment."

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