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2018 Color Trends for the Healthcare Segment

"Societal color influences In addition to market segment drivers, societal trends are also impacting color predictions for the year ahead. In this arena, we’re seeing three distinct directions for the healthcare segment in 2018: soft neutrals that provide comfort, uplifting colors that energize and soothing colors that provide a thoughtful distraction."

"Composed organics among the societal influences impacting this color trend is the growing need for minimalism, mindful living and creating an environment to disconnect and recharge."

"Focused energy the trend for bolder colors reflects a need for making connections with new places."

"Warm Welcome inspired by biophilia, an intrinsic connection to nature, colors such as peachy-orange persimmon, Aleutian blue and warm golden tones can add visual interest and also lend a helping hand in healthcare facilities."

visit and read the full article at https://mcdmag.com/2017/11/2018-color-trends-for-the-healthcare-segment/#.WhWCm0qnE-U