Healthcare Spaces

Trends in Healthcare Spaces

Master planning smart health care facilities

Non-recurring engineering

"The concept of non-recurring engineering is a major driver of decisions that impact production of new products."

"Apply that concept to smart buildings. If the owner were to create a standard life-cycle-based system architecture by creating a comprehensive set of requirements for smart building systems, the cost to create that master plan should be offset by reduced design costs spread over multiple projects."

Standardizing smart buildings

"This is already important in multibuilding hospital campuses where facilities must plan their staff to handle the acute care facility, and the outlying outpatient procedure, office and ancillary buildings on the hospital campus; and it will continue to gain importance as more and more health systems build neighborhood facilities with a range of care delivery and the associated regulations for the environment of care."

Unlocking value

"Today’s healthcare environment is challenging but investing time, effort and money in planning the infrastructure is an easy way to unlock value in the organization. "

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