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6 Behavioral Health Design Trends

1. Quick patient assessment  

"Calming assessment areas where mental health professionals can meet with patients in more of a clinic setting that features lounge-type settings and consultation rooms. "

2. Integrated care

"A major trend in general medicine today is including designated care coordinators for behavioral health patients."

"Supporting this trend means not only providing work space for these individuals but more consultation rooms integrated within clinics. The typical exam room isn’t necessarily appropriate for the conversations patients have with these health professionals."

3. Telemedicine

"virtual or online treatment approaches into primary care setting"

4. Inpatient beds

"the number of beds on these units will be reduced as space for community and treatment will need to be added. The nurses’ station and support rooms should be located centrally for visibility of patients but also need to be secured from patients."

5. Strengthened outpatient services

"These outpatient settings should feel like community centers that welcome patients on a regular basis."

6. Specialty programs

"Behavioral health is no longer one-size-fits-all. Researchers and practitioners are realizing different populations—including children and adolescents, mothers, professionals, or LGBTQ patients—require different treatment approaches. "

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