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3 Trends that will Drive the Future of Technology in Healthcare

“Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data driven, decision-making augments help to enhance the capability of human physicians. There has been a variety of data that has made its way to the surface of the past few years that highlights analytics and artificial intelligence. There advances have helped to sort through and organization the information on diseases and conditions. It has become a billion dollar revenue, impacting centers all over the world and expanding software and data.”

“Changing Healthcare Markets

Employers are taking control of their employee’s healthcare options. Similar to GM or Walmart, companies are offering more wellness screenings and preventive models but working directly with healthcare providers. This drops expenses significantly and gives more options to providers. This will also help employee’s with the high deductibles. Artificial Intelligence plays a part in this because healthcare providers re not using those innovations to create new models by sorting through more applicable data.”

“The Digital Health Platform of the Future

Electronic health records (EHR) have taken over the healthcare system but, the downfall is some are poorly designed for the user. This has created an epidemic for burnt out health physicians but have recently decided to push back. Large tech firms have no gotten involved with ways to help optimize ER and enhance the user’s experience. This will help to grow a larger client base for them, and an easier time for healthcare providers who spend copious amounts of time plugging in data.”

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