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5 Health IT Trends That Will Drive Disruption in 2019


Source: Juliet Van Wagenen, Health Tech Magazine

Consumerization of Care

Consumers are running out of patience with healthcare facilities. Due to that, there is a easier “digital enabled, customer-oriented experience of care.” These will allow health systems to engage with patients and families more efficiently with couching apps, electronic health records and scheduling appointments.

Virtual Care Take Off

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring can offer major benefits to patients. This kind of mode of care delivery is needed. It leaves consumer’s satisfied and enables better consumer outcomes. It also gives providers this ability to improve these outcomes at a lower cost.

Interoperability Makes Progress

Application interfaces are being updated in order to “improve data sharing among providers…” This will gives access to health records, data and tools for the patients between providers helping to create a future where health data can come together in a full picture. This will allow environmental, financial and social factors to also be seen as needed to delivery a more efficient experience all together for patients and providers.

Cyber-security Stays on Top

The most important topic for the healthcare industry is cyber-security. it wills at most critical issue that care organization face. It is the them of the future that all healthcare organizations will stay vigilant of.

Cloud Adoption Continuing to Grow

Healthcare has a future with the cloud. The is enable a more personalized healthcare experience. Through open and secure platforms this will allow for an expansion with data being sent interoperability.

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