Healthcare Spaces

Trends in Healthcare Spaces

Key Design Trends in Healthcare Development

Source: KI Furniture

Source: KI Furniture

Source: Roxanne Squires, Healthcare Construction & Operations

Focus on Functionality

Hospitals should support the functionality and operations the occur within the facilities. The goal is to make healthcare facilities comfortable for patient’s health while still giving the proper spacing for procedures and care. Cutting -edge equipment and layouts that create an environment for treatment efficiency are the strides hospital leadership can take for their latest designs.

Electronic Messaging Boards

Messaging boards offer both a level of functionality and efficiency coupled with comfort for patients. This allows them easier access to their test results, check-in processes and contacts. This relives a level of stress for the patients before and after their appointments.

Patient Experience

There is no way around a long wait at healthcare facilities, sometimes they are just unavoidable. Hospitals and other healthcare centers need to take this into consideration. They should allow easy access to food and beverages with outlets for charging devices. Comfortable seating can make all the difference. The architecture must be tailored towards the needs of the community in order to create an environment with happiness and increased health.

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