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5 Healthcare Technology Trends

Source: Medi+Sign

Source: Medi+Sign

Source: Reda Chouffani, Health IT

Artificial Intelligence

The growth and security of artificial intelligence has been increasing rapidly over the last few years. IT can be used to detect abnormalities that radiologist are unable to detect. It can also analyze charts and high risk patients quickly.

Advanced Analytics

Business intelligence and analytics has also been on the rose. Dashboards are used to monitor hospital operations, diseases and readmission rates, along with population outcomes and more. This pushes departments to think more and take advantage of the advanced machine learning and data mining.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Programs like VMwave and Microsoft have enhanced their data servers to facilitate the transition to the cloud. These have allowed for faster and easier migration of servers data in the cloud with little effort, providing more opportunities for growing storage.

Virtual Reality

Hardware headsets and advancements in 3D rendering have allowed virtual reality to gain momentum. These programs can give clinicians experience in surgeries and other educational sessions. Virtual reality can also give patients a better understanding of what is happened to them.


Blockchain has been used in many industries because of its ability to transmit data across computers while ensuring the authenticity of such data. CIO’s need to understand this and pay attention the growing benefits of data exchange.

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