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Source: CMO

Source: CMO

Source: Kari Thorsen, Healthcare Design

The design industry in healthcare does all they can to provide solutions to maximize the comfort of patients and the accuracy of clinicians. Kari Thorsen, a principal at ZGF Architects LLP, dives into the hopes for the future of healthcare.

Thorsen notes that a big part of expanding and innovating is with personalized experiences that give patients and their visitors the ability to control their environment. An example of this would be an alert system for the front desk to know when patients have arrived. This can help relieve some stress and aggravation for patients.

Another altering system could be connected to a device held by the caregivers that notify them when patients IV are low. This takes away from the monitors beeping from the drips, allowing patients to sleep better.

Thorsen emphasizes how much she’d love to see designers focus on “creating technology solutions that allow for more personal interactions and connection back to the natural world.”

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