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Source: KI Furniture Soltice Lounge Collection

Source: KI Furniture Soltice Lounge Collection

Source: Debra Levin, Healthcare Design Magazine

Recently, The Center for Health Design has been much more focused on understanding behavioral health design and how to create a building that is more strategic and resourceful for such patients, visitors and clinicians.

Debra Levin, president and CEO of The Center for Health Design, says that there are few key factors all behavioral health facilities should stay aware of. Levin goes on to explain that it’s important to create “anti-ligature environments in non-institutional ways” by focusing on the patient’s experience more than anything. This gives them spaces with dignity and privacy when needed but also, the freedom to socialize and interact. Safety is key in making patient feel better and grow. Providing natural light, access to nature/outdoors and reducing stressful noises are ways to create a more compassionate environment.

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