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A Focus on Behavioral Health Spaces

Source: KI Furniture

Source: KI Furniture

Source: Jennifer Silvis, Healthcare Design Magazine

Frank Murdock Pitts, founding partner and president of Architecture+, has dedicated his career to making a difference in the design of behavioral health environments. Recently, Pitts believe the next move is to allow facilities to identify patients sooner by allowing them to be brought in quicker. The facilities need to be able to address the needs of these patients on a large spectrum of treatments at all different stages.

A revolution like this means that on the inpatient side, projects need to include a lot of natural light and access to nature. This gives a positive stimulation for patients. Also, comfortable furniture which allows patients and visitors to feel more at home and content. Altogether these tools can give those in treatment a sense of control.

On the outpatient side, projects need to include spaces that integrate care teams so that physicians can collaborate with each other. This also allows patients consults on-site to be done easily.

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