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Immersive Health Technology Making It's Way Out

Source: Medical Marketing & Media

Source: Medical Marketing & Media

Source: Sony Salzman, Medical, Marketing & Media

Educated and Animated

A large majority of pharma reps are using visual aids to help explain how new drug works. It’s common for these markets to create animated videos or demonstrations to sure the use of their products. AR and VR are being deployed to create immersive experiences to do just the same. This instead allows users, both consumers and patients to move through their experiences.

Telehealth Arrives

Wearable sensors that monitor heart rate or vitals are becoming easier to conceal and with VR on the rise, telehealth is coming into the picture. There is an initiative to create smart house assistants that “watches” and helps patients with their devices and levels. The VR caregiver will also offer medical reminders, health tutorials and meal suggestions.

Empathy Building Products

Recently there have been stimulated immersive experiences for disease. Caregivers are given these immersive VR headsets or strapped devices that replicate the feeling of migraines or Parkinson. This is done in hopes to not only help clinicians find better interventions but also for empathy building exercises. Such an initiative allows caregivers and designers and better understanding of a buildings conditions.

Alisa Verratti