Healthcare Spaces

Trends in Healthcare Spaces

Interior Design is Having Its Moment in Healthcare

Source: KI Collection

Source: KI Collection

Source: Michelle Ogundehin, Dezeen


Private zones have been on the rise for healthcare facilities. There is a new focus to the idea of an ambient, noise reduced area or even specified rooms for patients to have alone, quiet time. Houseplants and greenery have been known to make a boom in 2018 and will continue to fill facilities. Another natural additive would be gardening which “becomes more about the useful than the purely ornamental, whether the creation of healing scented gardens in hospitals or vegetable growing in window boxes ".

Texture and Tactility

Tactile stimulation can be known to trigger hormones that reduce anxiety and stress. It is suggested that real embroidery, thick wool, linens and authentic textures along with glossy, brass or waxed plywood can help to stimulate patients.

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