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The Impact of Sound and Environment in Healthcare Spaces


Source: Debra Levin, Healthcare Design Magazine

When Debra Levin attended Healthcare Design Magazine’s Forum discussing the impact of sound, she was instant struck on the influence acoustics could have in healthcare spaces.

This experience brought home to me how the auditory environment in healthcare has yet to be used as impactfully as it could be.

Below are 3 ways sound can be applied as a design element in a healthcare setting:

  1. Sound can help create a positive user experience

    Maintaining excessive noise can be done through product design, surface material and cultural changes. How else can sound be applied to improve the patient waiting experience as it is in other industries and spaces?

  2. Sound management can improve productivity

    Notification sounds from medical devices can create a cacophony and, if they are ever-present, can become noise that’s tuned out by staff, negating their original intention.” How can this be adjust to better improve the overall patient and visitor experience?

  3. Sound can be used in a prescriptive way for patients

    Instrumental music and white noise can help to relax and calm down those within health facilities. How could this be implemented as potential programs in a more consistent manner?

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