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6 Behavioral Health Design Trends

Article by: healthcare design

"HGA has designed behavioral health facilities across the country—including several mental health units within hospitals and numerous addiction treatment facilities—and has identified six approaches that not only help reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues but also fully address the needs of patients’ physical and mental well-being. 

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All Together Now: Cancer Care Trend Report

Article by: Healthcare design 

"Cancer treatment approaches are evolving, and so too are the facilities supporting that care. What were once disjointed patient journeys that left many traversing from building to building for lab work, exams, procedures, specialist consultations, pharmacy pick-ups, and lab work again are being replaced with thoughtful solutions that put all of those stops under one roof."

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Natural Remedy: Biophilic Design Supports Behavioral Health

Article by: healthcaredesignmagazine

"Humans rely on environmental cues to make judgments about perceived safety or peril. Evolution honed this intuition, and through the long-term relationship between perception and nature, we’ve developed an affinity for the life-supporting aspects of the natural world. This specific attraction to nature is referred to as biophilia, which literally means the “love of nature.” It recognizes the intrinsic need for nature in our lives, including its psychological benefits.

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