Higher Education Spaces

RMIT Design Hub / Sean Godsell

Article by: Arch Daily 

"The purpose of the Design Hub is to provide accommodation in one building for a diverse range of design research and post graduate education. RMIT is a world leader in design research however post graduates are currently dissipated across various campuses and facilities."

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Interior Insights

Article by: College Planning and Management 

"Today, welcoming, light-filled, energy-efficient campus spaces that encourage social interaction as technological needs expand and sustainability and energy efficiency expectations grow are a must. 

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The Rise of Academic Incubators

Article by: Gensler 

"Today’s competitive, high-risk/high-reward marketplace entices young entrepreneurs to develop (and cash in on) daring ideas virtually overnight. To remain relevant and enable emerging thinkers to pursue surer pathways to success, universities are introducing campus spaces where students can connect to fellow entrepreneurs and interested financiers."

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3 Most Exciting Higher Education Learning Trends for 2018

Article by: Teach

"With technology degrees proliferating at unprecedented rates and the education sector taking more and more cues from the technologically inclined in their midst, chasing learning trends in higher education into the next year is going to lead any inquisitive mind down a path that involves computer science education in ways that just haven't been seen before."

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