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3 Most Exciting Higher Education Learning Trends for 2018

1. K-12 Classes Are Pushing for Technology Integration

"While not an immediate boon for higher education, the public education system is finally opening its eyes to the need for expanding the role of technology in the classroom. According to The Tech Edvocate, technology in the classroom promises to swell by 2018 with over half of polled schools reporting some form of technological blending in the classroom to supplement traditional techniques"

2. Artificial Intelligence is Advancing Swiftly

"There may still be decades ahead of us without teaching environments completely embroiled in AI-friendly settings, but the world of artificial intelligence is approaching a state of usability that might see enhanced use in the next classroom year. Tracking movement, correcting spelling and real-time data searches External link  are but a few of the current applications of AI in a learning environment, yet there are countless ways we could fold classroom assistants into our learning routines without missing a beat."

3. STEM Courses Are on the Rise

"Boasting above-average growth and wages, External link  it's difficult to ignore the growth of STEM fields as a whole, which will invariably lead to a shift in higher education as courses re-focus on the importance of math and science fields in the coming years. "