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Stairwell Boosts Connection At University Facility

"At Washington University in St. Louis, MO, the Department of Computer Science & Engineering was recently renovated, and this included improving vertical circulation throughout the building. REMIGER DESIGN, a St. Louis-based planning, architecture, and interior design firm, worked with the university to renovate and reconfigure the interior of Harold D. Jolley Hall. The project was executed in collaboration with Directions in Design, William Tao & Associates, and construction manager, SM Wilson."

"In its pre-renovation state, Jolley Hall lacked vertical connectivity between floors as it solely relied on one existing stairwell located towards the far east end of the building as well as one existing elevator. As such, the REMIGER DESIGN team proposed the design of a new five-story monumental stair to be located in the existing atrium and lobby area that is the entry node of the building. The stairwell improves vertical circulation from floor to floor and provides a sense of cohesion to the department."

"An element of the stairwell design was the use of a continuous 1/2″ LED light fixture that traverses diagonally up and down the five-story wall immediately adjacent to the stair. The layout reflects the vertical movement that occurs as students and faculty travel the stairs."

visit and read the full article at https://facilityexecutive.com/2017/07/stairwell-boosts-connection-university-facility/