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Inside the Incubators: The Anatomy of a University Innovation Team

"More than ever universities today are carving out fresh ways to bypass bureaucracy and drive innovation in higher education—and it’s working."

"To get there, institutions of all shapes and sizes are creating academic R&D labs, idea incubators and university skunkworks: flexible, internal teams that generate new ideas, prototype solutions and find partners to help launch them at scale. "

"The anatomy of an innovation team like this varies in size, shape and organizational design. But what’s important is that a team has the right alignment of roles and goals, from senior leaders to innovation champions to the “intrapreneurs” who drive new initiatives.

visit and read the full article at https://www.edsurge.com/news/2017-10-11-inside-the-incubators-the-anatomy-of-a-university-innovation-team