Higher Education Spaces

Makerspace Playbook

"A Makerspace houses a community of Makers. It’s a place where someone would come to learn how to use a new tool or material in a new way, or to see what others are working on because they might want to help out on that project or start something similar. Ideally, your Makerspace should be conducive to inspiration, collaboration, and conversation."

"A school or community center could have a Makerspace that serves as a resource room used by different classes and in different contexts. That is, multiple teachers and multiple classes could use the space: a physics class might use the space for a unit, an afterschool robotics team might build there."

"Makerspaces suggest a different model to contrast with the outdated notion that shop class is for only one track of students. We find that making engages the student that is teetering on the edge of dropping out as effectively as it captures the interest of the 4.0 student in AP classes. We hope that Makerspaces can lead to a resurgence of technical education for all.

visit and read the full article at http://makered.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Makerspace-Playbook-Feb-2013.pdf