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The Evolving Classroom: Creating Experiential Learning Spaces

"Implementing dynamic active learning pedagogies is best facilitated by fusing technology with classroom elements such as furnishings, lighting, and writing surfaces. Today's undergraduate students — and, increasingly, graduate students — comprise a cadre of learners whose education has involved a near-ubiquitous use of computers and networked devices."

"The George Washington University (GW) in Washington, D.C., is committed to creating experiential learning environments that benefit both students and faculty by addressing the needs for flexibility and meeting the pedagogical and learning demands of specific disciplines."

"By continually anticipating technology advancements, higher learning institutions will be better poised to prepare their students for the new world. New learning spaces become proving grounds for innovative approaches to research, teaching, and learning, acting as templates for the real-world environments in which students will confront and meet humankind's challenges.

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