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3 steps to strategic planning for campus innovation

Source: Jarrett Carter, Education Dive

Clear Objectives

An important step that universities must take is having clear and mapped out objectives. There needs to be a problem stated, for example revenue, and then a solution, enrollment, productivity, etc.). By acknowledging these issues, its easier to make strategical plans that stays within budget. When innovating a campus in any way, campuses must also remember to create plans that support their outcomes in multiple ways. Thus, there must be a plan for all reasonable outcomes in case something were to go wrong.

Know Your Campus

It’s important that campuses know their market and the ways that innovation can help them from all angles. These design solutions and additions to expand education will benefit the students’s learning experience. But, it is also crucial to identify the campuses overall issue and allowing the innovation centers to help cure these.

  • “That's why many campuses are able to attract resources to establish innovation centers; because they are designed to address deficits in economic development, or institutions being outpaced in research and development. Melding new approaches to problem-solving and framing the mission as the blueprint to solving problems is the key to creating buy-in from diverse stakeholder groups and establishing foundations of longevity. “ (Carter, Education Dive)

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