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Human Connection for Meaningful Learning in Technologically Spaces

KI Interactive Wall Solutions Collection

KI Interactive Wall Solutions Collection

Source: Jenay Robert, EDUCAUSE

While learning spaces are transforming over night with technological additions like, mobile displays, digital devices or writable surfaces, it is still crucial to balance human interactions as well. The combination of meaningful learning and technology can be a harder balance than most think. Solutions like KI’s glass wall collection (above) helps interaction to stay subtle but present while students use collaborative seating with their digital devices.

Meaningful Learning

Joseph Novak explains, in his study for the International Journal of Personal Construct Psychology 6, no. 2 that, “human feelings are tied to the construction of new knowledge…Professors also need to feel an emotional connection.” This is to go on to day that students need to feel that connection from their professors first, so that their own authentic connection can be made back with the professor. Then, this connection will link students together for projects, further learning and collaboration. Links such as these help to fosters growing knowledge. This needs to stay accounted for when technology gets brought into the equation.

New Opportunities for Professional Development

Technological advances are supporting students in ways that high education never imaged. These innovations are meant to complement human begins, not replace them. This leap of progression with technology is meant to link together with the basic elements of interaction. connecting with people, professors, peers, is the essence of learning. The intertwining of both will shape students fort he professional world more so than anything else.

Alisa Verratti