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How Charitable Giving Is Likely to Change in 2019

Source: WNDE

Source: WNDE

Source: Martha C. White, Time

Use Technology to Mobilize Support

Organizations have been turning to mobile and social sites in order to promote their fundraising. This allows donors to personalize their giving and the advances of technology allow it to be simply and quick. All donors have to do is press enter. Social Media makes it easy to get the word out and spread fundraising to all avenues.

Investing with a Social Conscience

Millennial’s especially want to invest in a company that has a social mission they feel connected to. Whether it’s their Alma Mater or Habitat for Humanity, it’s important for each organization to show why donors should be aligning with them. They must truly value the cause or purpose.

Making Transparency a Key Determinant

Nowadays donors are more likely to ask where and what their money is going towards. It’s crucial for organizations, especially larger ones, to be transparent. “Donor due diligence is a key trend driving how people contribute today.” (White, Time) . Givers are willing to investigate into a charity because they want to know their money is actually going to the cause they feel passionate about.

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