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5 Ed Tech Trends Redefine the Connected Campus

Article By:  EdTech

Article By: EdTech

"In the business sector, forward-thinking companies are embracing digital transformation, an integrated strategy to leverage connected devices — and the data they generate — to drive efficiency, customer engagement and revenue. Their experiences preview some of the innovations that will likely hit campus as these trends make their way to higher education. 

What is emerging as the “connected campus” varies from institution to institution, but the one constant is technology: tools and solutions that facilitate and transform learning and collaboration

We’re already seeing pedagogy evolve in response to these new capabilities, and operational changes are not far behind. In a recent Gartner survey, 59 percent of higher education CIOs said they expect business models to shift significantly as a result of digital transformation. And 86 percent of leaders said they believe the connected campus is the campus of the future, according to a 2017 Center for Digital Education survey.

The connected campus is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Individual institutions will develop the best strategy for their communities, and these will evolve in response as new challenges and opportunities emerge. In general, however, leaders believe the following technologies will play a key role in the campus of the future. Understanding these trends is important, because they will drive the IT investments required to support them, particularly in networking, security and analytics software."

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