Higher Education Spaces

Encourage student wellness by incorporating active design into college campus architecture

“Before you incorporate active design into your college campus, you need to understand exactly what doing so entails. Active design is defined as any design element that promotes physical, mental, and social wellness among users of the space:

— Physical Wellness: Indoor staircases and outdoor walkways encourage more physical activity on campus.

— Mental Health: Walkways that wind through quiet outdoor areas offer students calm spaces in which to relax before and after classes.

— Social Well-Being: Designing community spaces within high-traffic areas encourages students to socialize with their peers.”

It is a huge challenge to integrate active design into college campuses. But, by taking such design factors into consideration, it will cause students to react more positively and help promote more efficient outcomes in their behavior. Designs like these ensure accessibility for all physical and mental needs. Incorporating the well-being for all students create a flow that is not only constructive but comfortable as well.

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