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How Two Colleges Redesigned the Classroom for Active Learning

Source: KI: Intellect Wave Collection

Source: KI: Intellect Wave Collection

Source: Devin Murphy & Grace Gardner, Ed Surge

Active learning has been known to not only increase student engagement and improve academic outcomes but also help faculty grow their teaching skills. It gives professor’s the ability to expand their teaching approaches and pedagogies with newer technology and lesson plans. Indiana university and the University of Central Florida took these ideals into consideration when completely revamping their learning centers.

These redesigns included features such has video walls and touchscreens for group work. This has increased the sense of collaboration with students and allowed them to engage with one another. Adding spaces with flexible seating and writable surfaces give students and teachers the chance to learn in a more comfortable yet, efficient manner. New resources and advancements have given these teachers the ability to tap into students life skills and implement those as well. This puts them ahead of must when it will come to a workforce setting.

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