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Three Education Trends That Will Revolutionize The Workplace In 2019

Source: Forbes

Source: Forbes

Source: Anant Agarwal, Forbes

Education Emphasizing Hybrid Skills

Jobs of the future are requiring an multitude of skills and education. Higher education degrees should adapt to this an acquire a well rounded curriculum for their students to learn from. Giving a more customized and flexible education will give students the step ahead they need to excel.

Education goes Omnichannel

In the world of technology, consumers are used to getting what they want when they want it. Workers need to be expected to offer the same by being able to learn on-demand. Moving fluidly between working and learning will be a skill needed for the generations to come. Educators applying this is the classroom could help students reach a higher potential in the workforce.

Education Underscoring Soft Skills remains Critical

Hard skills are less in demand due to the way technology continues to advance rapidly. Instead, soft skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and quick decision making are looked at closely for candidates. These are sought out to be essential for the coming workforce.

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