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Top Higher Education Trends to Watch for in 2019

Source: Young Up Starts

Source: Young Up Starts

Source: Danny Iny, Young Up Starts

Evolving Skillset

Business moves so quickly due to technological advances, shifting consumer behaviors and other trends, employees need to master skills that are unpredictable. This will push people out of their comfort zone and cause business leaders to change how they train employees. Educators should be taking this into consideration when implementing life skills into lesson plans.


While AI can take over some jobs, the one thing is doesn’t have is critical thinking. Soft skills are key nowadays for students to take into consideration. Without setting themselves apart with mastered skills in communication, collaboration and leadership, they won’t be able to compete against AI.

Progression Companies Dropping Degree Requirement

Companies like Google, Apple and Bank of America are starting to see that students who forgo college to target training can be more valuable. There are more efficient and modern ways to determine hiring decisions and companies are starting to realize this.

Online Education

Online education has been replacing the traditional classroom as the benefits of having students learn at their own pace. Universities need to allow these programs to be more flexible due to their rise.

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